What devices can I run Etude on?
Etude runs on all models of iPad running iOS 4.3 or higher.
What does Etude cost?
The Etude app is now available completely free of charge.

Songs in the new Etude Music Store cost anywhere from free to $2.99 US.
What's new in Etude 2?
Etude 2.0 is the first version of the app released under Steinway and includes:
  • Commercial music store — The Etude store now has a vastly expanded selection with thousands of songs from current artists.
  • Piano roll mode — If you're new to music, you can flip into piano roll mode to see the notes in the song lined up with the keys on the keyboard.
  • Fullscreen mode — Turn off all the chrome and see just the music.
  • Redesigned user interface

We're busy working on even more new features and enhancements for future versions. Join the newsletter to be the first to know when updates are released.

How do I upgrade to v2.0 from an older 1.x version?

Because Etude was acquired and is now published through Steinway, the new version will not appear under "Updates" in iTunes or the App Store.

Instead, you will need to re-download the app here, which costs nothing.

The old version you paid for will remain on your device as a separate app, should you need it.

Does my country affect what songs I can buy?
Yes. Not all songs are licensed in all countries. We're working with publishers to make as many songs available in as many places as possible.
Does my country affect whether I can get the Etude app?
Etude is presently available in every country supported by the App Store except for Norway and Sweden, which will be added soon. Förlåt!
You’re missing a song I want. How can I suggest it be added?
Let us know what music you'd like to see by sending a request.

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